Gainax Co-Founder Okada Shares Thoughts on Illegal Copying

posted on by Ko Ransom
"Otaking" encourages fans to think of illegal downloaders as "pets, not parasites"

In a recent episode of his online talk show on the Nico Nico Douga video-streaming service, Gainax co-founder and former president Toshio Okada (known in anime circles as "Otaking") shared his thoughts on the topic of illegal copying. A user wrote in to ask, "I am content with just downloading illegal copies of anime and games. What do you think about this?"

Okada replied at length, starting by saying, "Honestly, if that's all it takes to make you happy, then that's fine," but encouraging fans to buy when they have the financial means to. He then moved to the case of individuals who claim they never plan to stop distributing illegally, saying that such a person is only interested in the personal, practical value something can bring to them, comparing this case to someone who claims he never wants to date a girl, but does want to grope women in the train as long as he is not caught.

Moving to the creator's point of view, Okada said that he believes that people who will pay money for a good product will always appear, and that creators would be best served by keep a realistic outlook on the market with this fact in mind, stating that it is better to keep people who can't afford to pay for products amused than to let them remain bored.

Admitting that he realizes that such an outlook "looks down upon" such individuals, he also suggested that paying fans consider themselves "a rank above" those who don't pay. Okada then advocated that rather than becoming upset at people who illegally copy, paying fans should feel sympathy and understanding towards them, and consider them "pets, not parasites," with each one of their purchases supporting the opinions of thousands.

[Via My Game News Flash]

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