MyNavi Poll: Strongest Fate/Zero Master & Servant

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Kiritsugu, Saber top list for strongest Master & Servant in Fate/stay night prequel

On Saturday, the Japanese website MyNavi posted results of an April survey on which Fate/Zero Master and Servant are the strongest.

Among the 500 self-selected male and female respondents, these were the top five choices for strongest Master:

Rank Character Votes
1 Kiritsugu Emiya 57.1%
2 Kirei Kotomine 15.0%
3 Waver Velvet 8.1%
4 Tokiomi Tohsaka 7.7%
5 Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald 4.0%

Respondents were also asked which Servant they thought was the strongest:

Rank Character Votes
1 Saber 35.1%
2 Archer 19.6%
3 Assassin 18.2%
4 Rider 13.1%
5 Berserker 7.2%

The survey was conducted among the users of MyNavi when they logged in from April 13-16, the same week that second episode of the second Fate/Zero season aired.

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