Novels to Sing Opening Theme for 1st Tiger & Bunny Film

posted on 2012-07-26 22:15 EDT by Ko Ransom
Band returns to franchise after performing second opening to television series

The four-piece band Novels announced on their official website that their second single on a major label, "Earth Diver," will be used as the opening theme to the upcoming first Tiger & Bunny film Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning-.

"Missing Link," the band's first major single, was used as the second opening theme for the Tiger & Bunny television series. According to Mao Takeuchi, the band's frontman, the lyrics to "Earth Diver" were written with Tiger & Bunny protagonist Kotetsu T. Kaburagi in mind, taking as its theme the idea of time.

Gekijō-ban Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- is the first of the two Tiger & Bunny films from the studio Sunrise. The first film will open in Japan in September, and its first trailer was streamed this April.

Source: Natalie via Yaraon!

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