Tales, Tenjho Tenge, Blood Artists Design for Next Tekken (Update 2)

posted on 2012-08-14 12:30 EDT by Egan Loo
Heroman's Koyama, Spriggan's Minagawa, Lobo's Bisley also draw costumes for Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Namco Bandai Games unveiled new details about its Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fighting game, including the collaborative costumes from famous artists and other customizable features, on Wednesday.

The following artists contributed optional costumes for different characters:

Jaycee: Mutsumi Inomata (Tales of games, Windaria, Sacred Seven)
Alisa: Shigeto Koyama (Heroman, Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven)
Miguel: Ryoji Minagawa (Spriggan, Project ARMS)

Anna: Oh! great (Tenjho Tenge, Air Gear)
Heihachi: Simon Bisley (Lobo)
Kunimitsu: Katsuya Terada (Blood: The Last vampire , Yona Yona Penguin)

Enterbrain's Famitsu website posted the costume images in higher resolution.

Namco Bandai also served up a new video to highlight the game's customizability. Not only can players customize their characters' hairstyle and costume, but also their intro screen's background, special effects for attacks, and other features.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on September 11.

Source: Famitsu via andriasang

Update: Last week, Namco Bandai uploaded three tutorial videos:

In the videos, the Level Up Your Game Crew gives a rundown of the game's basics, tag mechanics, and offensive and defensive strategies for new players. The first video is geared for beginners while the second two are for intermediate players.

Update 2: Namco Bandai Games began streaming the game's opening cinematic trailer with English subtitles on Tuesday. The trailer was previously streamed at Gamescom.

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