Final Fantasy Team Reveals Novelization, Mock Dating Game

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Hypothetical Dragon Quest Monsters-inspired & Japanese-themed FF games also outlined

Game developer Square Enix presented a novelization project and three hypothetical mock game drafts as part of its 25th Anniversary presentation this weekend. The tentatively titled Novel Final Fantasy I, II, III Memory of Heroes book collection is scheduled for release this fall.

Square-Enix made several presentations in its live stream of "The Future of Final Fantasy" stage event. Game director Hajime Tabata (Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII,Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Type-0), art director Yusuke Naora (Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children), chief technology director Yoshihisa Hashimoto, director Mitsunori Takahashi (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy), director Motomu Toriyama (Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII series) and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy XIII series) answered pre-submitted questions.

One question was about a potential "Final Fantasy Monsters" spinoff, similar to the Dragon Quest Monsters creature-raising game. The staff presented images of past and current Final Fantasy monster sprites, stating that if such a game was made it could look similar to Agnis Philosophy and perhaps feature Young Barret as the protagonist.

Another fan asked if the company would consider making a Japanese-themed Final Fantasy game, after so many have sci-fi and western themes. Artists presented image boards for the hypothetical mock game, but the presentation was shut off for niconico audiences, preventing screen captures.

A third question was about a potential Final Fantasy otome game (dating game for female players). Staff presented detailed game plans for the entirely hypothetical game. The Tokimeki Final Fantasy Madōin Suzaku: Watashi no Koi ni Crystal no Kago Are title would use a version of the Active Time Battle (ATB) system seen in FF IV through FF IX — revised for features like Active Time Lesson, Active Time Talk, and Active Time Kiss. The game would star Kariya, the only female Agito candidate at her mage school. The imaginary game would be produced by Luminous Studios for smartphones.

These game planning documents are not indications that the games will actually be produced.

In the final part of the presentation, the staff and audience were asked which character class was the most appealing. Tabata responded with 1st Class SOLDIER (Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, Zack Fair), Kamikokuryo said Final Fantasy XII's Sky Pirate, Hashimoto said Black Mage, and Takahashi said Thief. The audience's number one choice was Knight, followed by White Mage, Thief, Black Knight, Bard and Ninja.

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