Yuruyuri Festival's Akihabara Exhibit Photographed

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2-day exhibit features recreation of club room, costumes, exclusive goods

The two-day Yuruyuri exhibition, “Yuruyuri 39Fes. Nanamori☆Kanshasai," opened at the Akihabara UDX complex on Saturday. The regular part of the exhibition has rough sketches and hand-drawn layouts from the manga's creator Namori herself. The staff put pictures of Akari in secret locations throughout the exhibit for a "Let's Find Hidden Akariin!" game, while a "Yuruyuri-ness Check Cult Quiz" tests diehard fans.

On top of the exhibition's regular portion, Saturday also added a one-day "Premium Exhibit" with "tissue from Kyōko," a Namori-jellyfish mobile hanging at the entrance, cardboard standups of the four club members, just-washed kurage-print pants (jellyfish-print underwear), miso cabbage bentō box lunch, the radio-controlled flying clock, neko-kurage (cat jellyfish, with price tag), gym clothes, Chinatsu's New Year's greeting, Mirakurun papier-mache, the horror DVD, the refrigerator with rum raisin ice cream, and rows of Black Coffee.

The Premium exhibit's recreation of the club room featured the members' school uniforms, Mirakurun's costume, and the members' kigurumi character outfits. The exhibition also has a giant sculpture of Chitose and Akari's Dango Bazooka Hair flying into the ceiling.

A Sunday stage event will feature the cast members in a discussion and in a mini live concert, singing the series' opening and ending themes.

Tickets for both days cost 4,000 yen (about US$51). Attendees also receive one Yuruyuri Graphig paper figure per day with their ticket purchase. Original goods are being sold exclusively at the exhibit, including tapestries, bath sets, shirts, pins, charms, and towels.

Namori's Yuruyuri manga follows four fun-loving schoolgirls who take over the former room of a tea ceremony club for their own "Gorakubu" (amusement club). The manga debuted in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime magazine in 2008, and the eighth compiled volume shipped in Japan on July 24. ALC Publishing and JManga announced last month that they will publish the original manga.

The story was adapted into a 12-episode television anime series last year, and its second season, Yuruyuri♪♪, premiered on July 2. Crunchyroll streamed the both seasons in various countries outside of Japan.

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