Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Heads to N. America

posted on 2012-10-04 22:30 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Nintendo 3DS dungeon RPG slated for early 2013

Game developer Atlus announced North American release plans for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan dungeon role-playing game on Thursday.

The company describes the game as follows:

For centuries, the tree Yggdrasil has been a constant presence in the lives of the people of Tharsis. It looms on the horizon, visible from everywhere in the city. But its roots are in a far-off land where no one has ventured until the Outland Count of Tharsis sponsors an Explorers Guild to reach Yggdrasil and discover its secrets. You are the latest explorer arriving in Tharsis to seek your fame and fortune. Board your skyship and set out into the clouds in search of treasure, glory, and the answer to Tharsis' oldest mystery.

Etrian Odyssey IV: The Legendary God will feature seven character classes: Swordman, Medic, Fortress, NightSeeker, Dancer, Sniper, and RuneMaster. The game will also include a new "casual" mode for beginning players and music originally performed by live instruments. Anime art director Nizo Yamamoto (Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) is providing background art.

The game will launch in North America in early 2013. A teaser website is currently accepting pre-orders for the title. Atlus released the Nintendo 3DS game in Japan on July 5.

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