Hello Kitty Hero Persona Ichigoman's Sidekicks Unveiled

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Dark Grapeman, Honey Momo get their own merchandise lineup this month

Hello Kitty's superhero alter ego "Ichigoman" (Strawberryman) has received two new sidekicks: Dark Grapeman his secretary Honey Momo. These two new characters will receive character goods of their own starting on November 14 in Sanrio Stores in Japan.

Sanrio had revealed the two superhero characters in its new "Power the Kitty!" anime short last month.

In the short, Hello Kitty uses a smartphone to transform into Ichigoman who fights off monsters that are born from wicked hearts. When Ichigoman is caught by the monsters, she is saved by Dark Grapeman and Honey Momo on a motorbike.

Ichigoman, Dark Grapeman, and Honey Momo are all currently making appearances at the Sanrio Puroland indoor theme park in Tokyo until March 17.

The character goods, which will be made available through various online stores starting on November 16, include memo pads, T-shirts, plush toys, iPhone cases and pouches, bankbook cases, pens, pencils, hand towels, face towels, and more.

Yuko Yamaguchi, the original designer of Hello Kitty, featured Ichigoman in an exhibition of her artwork that began last year, and the superhero's popularity grew from there.

Ichigoman already boasts an entire line of character goods — from plush figures and compact mirrors to iPhone cases and chewing tablets, and the character made its Tokyo debut in July.

Source: Presepe

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