Lawson Convenience Stores' Vocaloid Mascot Sings, Dances for Oden Dish

posted on 2012-12-17 18:00 EST by Lynzee Loveridge
Yuuyu, samfree, WakamuraP create 2 new music videos of Akikoroid-chan

The Lawson convenience store chain began streaming two music videos on Monday. Both songs are part of the store chain's campaign for oden, a popular Japanese food in the winter months. The videos feature Lawson's official Vocaloid mascot Akikoroid-chan singing "Oden☆My Life" and "Hokahoka Oden no Uta."

"Oden☆My Life" was written by Vocaloid composer samfree ("Promise," "Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night," "Luka Luka★Night Fever") and animated by WakamuraP (Hatsune Miku's "Tell Your World" music video).

"Hokahoka Oden no Uta" was written by Vocaloid composer Yuuyu ("Tengaku," "Clover♣Club," "Shinkai Shōjo") and animated by Takuya Hosogane (The Tatami Galaxy ending animation) and Shingo Yamashita (Baccano, From the New World, Birdy the Mighty: Decode).

The store chain streamed a video earlier this year for the official song for the store's fried chicken.

Lawson's mascot Akiko-chan received a synthesized Vocaloid voice makeover last August to become Akikoroid-chan. Akikoroid-chan acts as a navigator for Lawson's niconico channel, and she also acts as the company's spokesperson on more than 10 different social media services including Twitter.


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