7th Dragon 2020-II's Psychic Class Highlighted in Video

posted on by Joanne Mertz
Psychic class uses elemental attacks and restorative magic

The official YouTube channel for the 7th Dragon 2020 franchise began streaming a promotional video highlighting the Psychic class for the 7th Dragon 2020-II sequel game for the PlayStation Portable.

The official website describes the Psychic class as having the unique ability to manipulate natural disasters and telekinesis, and as specialists of elemental attacks and restorative magic. The video displays an array of offensive magic attacks such as Mana Floater, Air Spear, and Bolt Avenge, a restorative magic spell called Agent of Miracles, and Frostburn, a combined fire and ice attack.

The game will feature an improved character creation system that will include 40 different voice actors and actresses to choose from in addition to appearance and occupation. Dogs' Shirow Miwa will again handle character design, and Yūzō Koshiro will again handle the music.

The sequel is slated to ship for the PlayStation Portable on April 18. Those who pre-order will receive a 7th Dragon 2020-II Bibliography CD with a special remix of five background music tracks, the short version of Hatsune Miku's theme song, a collection of player character sample voices, and a booklet.

Sega released the first 7th Dragon 2020 game for the PSP in 2011. The 7th Dragon 2020 games are spinoffs of the original 7th Dragon video game that Sega released on the Nintendo DS in 2009.

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