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Music school delinquents star in D3Publisher/Rejet's female-oriented romance game

D3Publisher/Rejet began streaming the second promotional video for its VitaminR romance PSP video game on Thursday. Among other songs, the video features the track "Zettai Muteki no Diamond."

The promo introduces W6, the worst delinquents at the prestigious Avenir Music School: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun's Haru) as the fiendish violinist Kazuma Fujishige, Daisuke Ono (K's Kuroh) as the ice-cold cellist Leo Mochizuki, Kousuke Toriumi (Pretear's Hayate) as the night owl and viola player Jean Felix Vallaud, Hisayoshi Suganuma (Natsume's Book of Friends' Atsushi) as the miraculous sopranista Kaoru Haibane, Daisuke Kishio (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch's Kaito) as the pianist Eita Akagiri (who doesn't actually play the piano), and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Sket Dance's Bossun) as the fiery ninja violinist Tsukasa Asahina.

Other cast members include Ryota Takeuchi (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II's Francis) as Beethoven, Makoto Naruse (Pretear's Kei) as Mozart (hence, the video's disclaimer: "this is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real persons, places, and organizations is purely coincidental"), Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama's Gintoki) as Leon Charles Vallaud, Kenta Miyake (Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream's Penguin-sensei) as Bruno Veron, Katsuaki Arima (Cybuster's Ken) as Gilles Lagrange, Kazuhiko Inoue (Naruto's Kakashi) as Yojiro Shinjo, Kouki Miyata (Amnesia's Ukyo) as Chris Hino, Daisuke Sakaguchi (Tokyo Mew Mew's Quiche) as Marco Lagrange, Hiroaki Miura as N, Kouta Nemoto as Kaiser, Yûta Kazuya as Raijin-maru, and Tamotsu Nishiwaki as Teruru.

The game will arrive in Japan for the PSP on August 8, with a normal edition costing 6,090 yen (about US$65), and a limited edition (with a box illustrated by Hirotaka Maeda, Warusaiyu Diary drama CD, and "Secret" ClassR Student Guidance File booklet) costing 8,190 yen (about US$87). The company also has plans to release a downloadable version.

D3 Publisher first released the VitaminX game for the developer HuneX on the Sony PlayStation 2 console in 2007. Since then, the two companies have put out a Nintendo DS port called VitaminX Evolution, a Sony PSP port called VitaminX Evolution Plus, a DS mini-game collection called VitaminY, a PlayStation 2 sequel called VitaminZ, and a PSP port called VitaminZ Revolution. An original video anime project for the game was announced in 2010 and was released in 2011.

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