Weird News Japan: Two Streakers Arrested For Showing Their "Dumplings"

posted on 2013-10-08 10:00 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Suspects claim that had permission to show up in the buff

Two men showed a little too much for customers at the Gyōza no Ōshō (King of Dumplings) restaurant in Kanazawa, Japan. They were arrested on October 7 for "forcible obstruction of a business" and "public indecency" for sitting naked inside the restaurant. The two suspects, age 38 and 39, are managers at a nearby "fuzoku-en." Fuzoku-en, or "fashion health" stores are usually massage-style parlors that also offer legal sexual favors (basically acts that fall short of actual intercourse).

The suspects, along with five other employees, walked into the restaurant back in December at 9:30 a.m. Both suspects denied the charges stating that they had permission to be in the restaurant naked. According to the suspects, the streakers showed up naked to have their picture taken in order to create an ad for the sex shop.

Other customers were in the restaurant when the streaking took place and the suspects pictures were taken and have been circulating the internet. The shop in Kanazawa is already closed.

Source: Sponichi Annex

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