Tokyo's Police Distribute Manga to Fight Illegal Work by Foreign Students

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is distributing some 50,000 manga pamphlets printed in Japanese, Chinese, and Thai in the hopes of putting a stop to illegal work by foreign students. Some foreign students come to Japan to study and take part-time jobs at adult entertainment facilities, like massage parlors and "snack bars." These jobs are considered illegal by the Immigration Control Law, meaning the work itself is legal in Tokyo but the jobs cannot be filled by non-native workers. It falls outside the scope of activities permitted by student visa holders.

The manga shows foreign students apprehended and arrested at their workplaces, which includes adult entertainment facilities.

"Although the students may not think that there is a problem with engaging in such work, doing so may in fact result in them being deported," commented a top official with the investigation. "We truly hope that they read this manga and take it very seriously."

In the last year, 42 individuals violated the Immigration Control Law by taking adult entertainment jobs and 40% were in Japan on student visas. Eight Thai students were arrested in Tokyo for working at a massage parlor this month.

Source: The Mainichi

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