Videos from Angler Fish Festival Showcases Girls und Panzer Tank Replica and Cosplayers

posted on by Bamboo Dong

The Oarai Angler Fish Festival and accompanying Girls und Panzer fan event happened last weekend, but more pictures have been surfacing from the event... which is perfect for all of us who weren't there.

The city of Oarai holds plenty of Girls und Panzer events throughout the year; not only does the city serve as the setting for the series, its landmarks and streets also serve as the actual reference for many of the backdrops.

Last weekend's event included a full-size replica tank, modeled after protagonist Miho Nishizumi's Panzer IV.

Below is a compilation of pictures and videos from the event, with plenty of pictures of the tank before and after it got to the event, and plenty of cosplayers. There's even video of the tank in action. (If the video doesn't show up, reload the page.)

Of course, the Angler Fish Festival isn't the first Girls und Panzer event to feature tanks. Sentai Filmworks brought an actual tank to this year's Anime Expo, but you have to admit there's something charming about a homemade, full-size replica.

For those eager to check out the show, Sentai will be releasing the series on both DVD and Blu-Ray in North American on December 3.

[Via Nicotube Anime]

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