Engaged to the Unidentified Manga Creator Draws Moe Sake

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Pays homage to Japanese culture and history while appealing to modern fans

They say that you should never drink alone. Whether that's for reasons of safety, or simply because alcohol by yourself is just a little depressing, it is a pretty good rule to live by. But when the bottle that you're pouring your liquor from is covered in beautifully designed anime-style characters, are you really drinking alone? Cherry Arai, best known for her work as the author of Engaged to the Unidentified has worked together with the Hanaharu Shuzo brewing company to bring you the latest in their line of "Moeshu," sake that is pleasing both to taste and see.

Currently, Arai's designs are featured on three different bottles labeled under the Moeshu series. The first of these is the "Sakura Yae Ginjoushu," which shows off a lovely summers evening with a young blue-haired woman enjoying herself at a shrine festival. The sake itself is made of 55% pure polished rice. Hanaharu recommends that you partake in this Ginjoushu by mixing it with carbonated water over crushed or whole ice to make a Japanese sake highball. A 500 ml bottle of this sake will cost 1,715 yen (about US $16.09).

Next, is the "Sakura Yae Tokubetsu Junmaishu." The label's design is an homage to Japan's first attempts at Westernization. The young lady seen on the front wears articles of clothing from both western and Japanese tradition, mixing her kimono with gloves, leather shoes, and a broad brimmed hat. While she may quite match the image of a woman from the West, she certainly seems to be enjoying herself amidst the swirling tones of autumn surrounding her. This Junmaishu provides a strong high quality flavor which can be purchased in a 500 ml bottle for 1,810 yen (about US $16.94).

Finally, Arai's design can also be seen on the "Sakura Yae Nigori Sake." Dedicated the honor of Yamamoto Yaeko, the first woman outside of the Imperial Family to ever be decorated for military service, this bottle displays a young female gunman ready for service in the Boshin War. While this Yae may not be skilled in domestic chores of sewing or cooking, her true beauty is revealed on the battlefield. This sweet and unfiltered sake is available in a 500 ml bottle for 1,619 yen (about US $15.16).

All of these skillfully drawn illustrations, as well as another entry in the Moeshu series drawn by illustrator Sae Ishikawa, can be found in Hanaharu's online sake catalogue. For more anime themed drinks, take a look at Tomu Sake's line of Moeshu. If moe isn't quite your thing, they've also made an official Attack On Titan plum sake, brewed in its author's hometown.

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