Japanese Bakery Starts Selling the Best Part of Melon Bread - Just the Top

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Just as the best part of a muffin is the crown, the best part of melon bread (or melonpan) is totally the crunchy cookie skin, the texture of which gives melon bread its name.

Yamazaki Baking knows this too, which is why they recently introduced a product that's just the melonpan skin. And, as an extra selling point, it also has half the calories of a regular melonpan.

One would argue that "melonpan skin" would simply be "cookie," but perhaps there's a special appeal in knowing it's your favorite part of your favorite snack.

While Yamazaki Baking does distribute to a global market, this new product has so far only been spotted in Japan.

[Via Otakomu, Livedoor News; cover image from Mama Patisserie

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