Fans and Pros Respond to Evangelion Seiyū's Tweet About Series' Timeline

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Looks like Shinji has more to answer for than not getting in the damn robot.

Neon Genesis Evangelion voice actress Megumi Ogata—known for portraying the emotionally-damaged protagonist Shinji Ikari—tweeted about her recent visit to Hakone, which served as the main setting of the giant robot anime.

"Now, I knew. 'Tomorrow' was the day I went to Neo Tokyo-3, when the first of the Angels appeared, when I rode in Misato-san's car and it flipped over, met with my father for the first time in a while, first met a blood-spattered Ayanami, and rode an Eva."

One of the hashtags includes the date "June 22 2015." It was because of this tag that this Tweet drew lots of attention from fans both Japan-based and internationally, claiming that Ogata officially dated the first episode—"Angel Attack"— as being set on June 22, 2015. There had been no indication as to when precisely the episode took place other than in the year 2015.

However, King Records—the general distributor of Evangelion music—released a statement via a phone interview with Huffington Post that June 22 is not the official date that the episode takes place. King Records stated that "[Ogata-san's] remark was simply an unofficial liberty she took as a performer."

"Looks like 'Angel Attack' happens on June 22 2015! Come, Sachiel!"

Unfortunately, the statement wasn't made before the internet had a ball celebrating the coming of the first Angel, Sachiel. Pictured above is a Twitter artist's depiction of Sachiel lounging the night before its attack, with a baseball game and some reading.

Unit-01: "Is the first Angel really coming tomorrow?"

Even Eva Unit-01 took some time to relax with some television before fighting Sachiel, according to Twitter user suekichii.

"The Angel arriving in Hakone"

One Twitter artist "took" a photo of a Hakone area with Sachiel already on the move and the military ready in response to its attack.

"Is the angel really coming today...?"

Sanrio egg mascot Gudetama even chimed in on the alleged event while cowering under the flimsy yolk he calls an AT field, a barrier used in the show.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is considered an anime classic, spawning an equally-famous film called End of Evangelion and a series of film retellings known as Rebuild of Evangelion. Its fourth and final film, Evangelion: Final, has no official release date as of yet.

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