World's Largest Evangelion Unit-01 Statue Gets Unlikely Home

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Not to be outdone by Odaiba's fully-sized Gundam, Shinji's Eva Unit-01 is getting its own 1:1-scale replica in the series' setting of Hakone. The site itself is rather inconspicuous but still above ground. You won't have to worry about getting lost in a complicated, underground complex to see it. The six-meter (about 20 feet) tall Unit-01 will instead be installed at EXPASA Ashigara, a highway rest stop by July 17.

Unit-01 won't be located next to the toilets, though. The project's crew plan to also build a replica NERV hanger to house it in. EXPASA Ashigara will host Evangelion-themed events from July 17 to December 23 with tie-in food, goods, and even booth models.

A replica of Unit-01's head was previously the star a projection mapping show at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park.

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