Digimon Adventure Tai's Goggles Up for Pre-Order

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Now you can designate yourself as the leader of your DigiDestined friends with a pair of official goggles. The Digimon Adventure Memorial Goods: Taichi Googles are up for pre-order at the Premium Bandai shop for 4,860 (US$39) and will ship in December after orders close on September 30.

The pre-order page notes that the goggles are reproduced faithfully from the pair in the show and will let the wearers inherit courage just like when Taichi passed his goggles onto Daisuke when he began his adventure in the digital world.

Premium Bandai is set to release the Digimon Adventure tri. Complete Selection Animation Digivice to truly emulate the Digi-Destined experience with various lights and sounds to mimic those heard in the anime.

Any fan pairing both will be more than ready for the Digimon Adventure tri. films in November.


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