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Live-Action Attack on Titan Modeling Director Has Choice Words for Critics

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Live-action Attack on Titan film director Shinji Higuchi isn't the only member of the film's staff with some choice words for critics. The film's special modeling director Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) was heavily involved in the film's special effects and bringing Hajime Isayama's man-eating Titans to life. When critics of the film compared Attack on Titan to Hollywood films, and found them not up to snuff, Nishimura had his own rebuttal.

He took to Twitter on Saturday —the night the film opened in Japan— where he wrote:

Everyone says Hollywood movies are great! Well, then they can go right ahead and watch nothing but Hollywood movies! Movies with high budgets and a lot of advanced techniques are great, aren't they? Especially movies with high budgets! You should watch movies that have been hit in the face with stacks of cash! People who like to compare Hollywood and Japanese movies really enjoy that sort of thing, right?

A few moments later he tweeted the qualifier, "I'm talking about people who compare everything to Hollywood films."

His rant wasn't done though.

I'm sorry, but deciding what movies to see based on their budget, and comparing everything to Hollywood, that's like how some people feel secure buying Okame natto [one of the most popular brands of natto in Japan] when they go to the supermarket. They have that absolutist ideology where if everyone says it's good, they believe it's good too. I think I've got it now, Thanks!

Nishimura has since deleted some of his tweets, but not before his critics caught wind and chimed in on the matter. Some still criticized the choice to make the film without the funds to back up its scale while others commented that there wasn't a overall "message" in the film.

The film's director posted a Facebook post to friends only—that was leaked—expressing his displeasure that the Japanese movie review site Chō Eiga Hihan was allowed into a screening after they gave the film 40/100 rating. The review was scathing, including the author's comment that he "wished the titans would eat the kids so it would end."

[Via Rocket News 24 (Link 2)]

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