DMM's Latest Game: Racecars as Girls

posted on by Eric Stimson
Also: trucks, buses, even lawnmowers

The game website DMM has scored huge successes with anthropomorphized battleships (in Kantai Collection) and swords (in Tōken Ranbu). Its latest game zeroes in on another machine beloved by many men: sports cars.

Racing Musume. ("Racing Girls") imagines girls as race cars and places you in the position of coach, monitoring their races and doing what it takes to help them succeed. Races take place all over the world and in various terrain, and many of the races are limited to certain car types, like Japanese cars or compacts.

Win the race, and you'll take home a trophy... and get treated to a "victory shower" of champagne.

The races will also earn teams new items and car parts, so you customize your girls/vehicles with new mufflers, brakes, tires, engine parts, and so on.

This customization is reflected in new, improved character designs and car models from different decades.

You can even wax your car/girl.

Racing Musume. also includes a Sponsor Mode, in which players must complete tasks demanded of them by their sponsors, and a PvP Mode, in which players race against each other.

Although the game focuses on sports cars, it includes a wide variety of vehicles, from rally cars, three-wheelers and trucks to buses and even lawnmowers. The cars also span different eras and countries. Over 40 different types/girls will be ready on release.

Racing Musume. is taking preorders now and is expected to release late in September. It will also be available on iOS and Android in late October. The game will be free while charging for items. Those who will preorder will receive the tsundere character Hiyori Yokohama as a prize (below center).

[Via and DMM Online Games]

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