Crunchyroll Store: Hikari & Angewomon GEM Figure Cancelled in West by Rights Holder; Not 'Child-Friendly'

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Angewomon's character design is keeping the latest GEM figure out of Western collectors' hands. The Crunchyroll retail store staff issued a statement on Wednesday that it will not be able to fulfill orders for MegaHouse's Angewomon & Hikari figure set.

The original license holders for Digimon cancelled distribution to North American and European retailers, because they "wanted to market Digimon as a child-friendly property, and thought this Angewomon figure wasn't appropriate for that image."

The Crunchyroll store is refunding all orders. The corresponding Angemon & Takeru figures are still shipping as planned.

Thanks to Gerald for the news tip

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