Upcoming Bishōnen Game Suspiciously Involves Sextuplets

posted on by Eric Stimson

Katamusubi, the developers of the bishōnen game Tokimeki Office, are making another game starring a cast of attractive men. In this case, they are sextuplets. Hmm... what recent anime popular with women involves sextuplets?

Sōma is the eldest. He may crack a lot of jokes, but he's dependable in critical times.

Kakeru, next in line, has a forceful personality and butts into conversations often, but he's actually kind and thoughtful toward his brothers.

Chiaki is third in line. He seems to be the most normal of the lot. Seems to be...

The fourth brother, Hifumi, seems unloving, and tends to say nasty things to his brothers. In reality, though, he's also thoughtful towards them.

Amatsuka always seems carefree, and his mind is hard to read. He's not very good at reading the atmosphere, but critical times make him much more resolute.

And then there's the youngest one, Tōru. He's the most serious one and the only one with a job. He does like to tease girls, though.

Other details about the game, including the name and gameplay, are not yet available. It will probably be a dating game, since it invites players to "fall in adult love" with the first two "routes" to be developed, those of Sōma and Chiaki. Then again, it is also described as an "app to observe sextuplets." The real mystery, of course, might be why Katamusubi thinks players would be interested in sextuplets.

[Via Nijimen]

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