One-Punch Man's Top-Ranking Superhero Sorta Revealed [Spoiler]

posted on 2016-03-12 17:45 EST by Eric Stimson
Blast appears in webcomic flashback

Blast, the first-rank S-class superhero occasionally referred to in One-Punch Man, has remained a mysterious, awe-inspiring figure in the story... until now. The latest chapter of the webcomic, Chapter 106, was posted on ONE's official website on March 9, and we finally see what Blast looks like.

Tatsumaki reveals that she has a connection with Blast. Although she won't tell Saitama, the reader is treated to a flashback from 18 years before showing Blast with a vanquished beast. He tells Tatsumaki that he does hero activities as a hobby and chides her for lying about her powers. "You can't expect someone to come save you in tough situations," he tells her. She credits Blast for becoming a professional hero herself.

[Via Yaraon!; Image from One-Punch Man]

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