Sanrio Boys Merchandise is Here

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Say the right passphrase for a free manga

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Sanrio is unveiling the Sanrio Boys merchandise it had first announced in April. Beginning on June 24, the clear files and acrylic key chains seen below will be available in Sanrio stores (and other locations). The clear files will cost 250 yen ($2.30) and the key chains will cost 650 yen ($6).

And that's not all! If you say the right passphrase, the cashier will give you a bonus manga featuring the Sanrio Boys! The manga is the same one featured in the Manga ONE app illustrated by Mai Andō. The passphrase is found in Sho-Comi 13 and 14, which carries another Sanrio Boys manga. The magazine also contains an interview with Sōma Saitō, who voices Yū.

The pamphlet version of the Manga ONE manga customers will receive

In addition, customers of the Pompompurin Cafe and the Sanrio Vivitix Harajuku — both in Cute Cube Harajuku in Tokyo — will receive a picture of the Sanrio Boys if they collect stamps from both businesses. The cafe bill must top 1,500 yen ($13.75).

The Sanrio Boys, as the name indicates, are a group of high school boys with a soft spot for Sanrio characters; they bond over their shared interest and feel less ashamed of their love of cuteness. The series both reassures boys that it's O.K. to like Sanrio and provides fodder for older Sanrio fangirls.

Sources: Sanrio Danshi official site and Nijimen

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