Cup Noodles' Girls und Panzer Tank Ammo Round Package Priced at 32,184 Yen

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Cheaper package holds more cups

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The Nissin Cup Noodles celebrating Girls und Panzer will go on sale on November 14. Nissin recently released more information about the two packages involved.

The Tank Round Ammo Stocker set, which comes in a faux-wooden package, will hold six cup noodles, a poster, and a fake tank round.

The poster features the girls of Anglerfish Team in their mascot's costume. (Girls from other teams are included too for the sake of extra cuteness.)

The tank shell is hollow and can hold three cup noodles on its own. Be warned, though: Nissin plans to sell this set for 32,184 yen ($302, tax included). There are only 2,500 available.

For Girls und Panzer fans with shallower pockets, there's the normal Girls und Panzer package, which only costs 5,378 yen ($50) and holds 20 cups. The package includes six clear files. There will be 4,000 available.

Nissin rolled out its noodles with a campaign called "Operation Tsuru-Tsuru" (Slurp) at the annual Anglerfish Festival in Ōarai, the Anglerfish Team's hometown, on November 13. There was a media event, life-size character panels for photography, and 500 discounted cup noodle packages with 4 cups each, an illustrated sheet and stickers for 1,000 yen ($9.38). Ōarai is seized with Girls und Panzer fever every year during the Anglerfish Festival, which attracts Girlpan fans from around Japan. Nissin's Cup Noodles have also collaborated with Ultraman, Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Ball Z.

Source: Cup Noodle official website

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