Taste Final Fantasy XV Food With Stew Recipe, Café Menu (Updated)

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Tastemade offers a video network of food and travel content, and its Japanese team expanded to exploring virtual gastronomic journeys with a Final Fantasy XV video posted on Saturday. Before teaching viewers how to create a "simmering hodgepodge stew" full of beef and vegetables, the cook demonstrates the most important step: removing one's stylish silver gloves.

The video starts with Ignis Scientia deciding to create "king's stew," which calls for some fantastical ingredients in the original recipe. The real-world version uses beef chunks, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and red wine to recreate the game's hearty dish.

People who lack Ignis' cooking skills can still enjoy Final Fantasy XV dishes. The game is partnering with the Honey Toast Cafe's Osaka Tennōji shop to offer an exclusive menu. The game-inspired dishes and drinks are available until January 15.

Fans who order from the special food menu will receive special placemats, depending on their orders. People who order drinks will also receive character coasters.

The recently opened Square Enix Café right outside of Akihabara JR station in Tokyo is also offering a similar Final Fantasy XV menu to the Osaka café. Below are some pictures of the both the Osaka café and the Tokyo café.

The game shipped worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29. However, some lucky foodies already got a taste of the game while trying Chocobo and Behemoth burgers at Paris Games Week in October 2015.

Update: Updated with images of the Osaka and Tokyo cafés, taken by ANN staff.

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