Valentine's Day Greetings — Anime Style 2017

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Valentine's Day has come again, and women throughout Japan are giving chocolate to men in their lives. However, recent trends are allowing for more Japanese people to enjoy chocolate confections today. Sometimes friends give each other chocolate on this day of love in Japan, and favored teachers may even receive sweet gifts. As always, the world of Japanese pop culture is also sending Valentine's Day messages to fans.

Here are some Valentine messages from the realm of Japanese anime, manga, and video games:

Akiba's Trip: The Animation


Artists contributed special illustrations of Chaos;Child game characters.

Creamy Mami


The streaming service's Twitter has many more anime-themed Valentines here.

Detective Conan

Fans are asked to give chocolate through Shogakukan's official Detective Conan app for a special campaign. Weekly Shonen Sunday's official Detective Conan Twitter account says the favor will be returned on White Day.

Frame Arms Girl

Takuya Fujima

Hinako Note

Is the order a rabbit?

February 14 is Rize's birthday.

Naoko Kodama (NTR: Netsuzou Trap)

Riko Korie

Magical Girl Raising Project

Suzuko Mimori

"Valentine! It's brush-shaped chocolate! That's a lie! I'm hungry!"

Yoshikazu Miyao (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad director)

Hiro Mashima

Tsubaki Nekoi

New Game!


The official Pokémon Facebook page has loads more Valentines here.



Masafumi Tamura

February 14 is the birthday of SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation's Suzu Fujimi (voiced by Mai Goto).


Sumire Uesaka Official Fan Club

Yumeiro Cast

Yuri!!! on Ice

February 14 is the birthday of Swiss skater Cristophe Giacometti.

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