Sumō Champion Kisenosato to Wear Fist of the North Star Apron

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"His body is amazing!"

Yutaka Kisenosato, a champion sumō wrestler (yokozuna), will soon wear a most intimidating character on his silk apron (keshōmawashi): Fist of the North Star's Raoh. He is sponsored by Coamix, the company that publishes Monthly Comic Zenon. As part of the deal, Coamix promised Kisenosato that they would provide him with a custom apron if he made it to yokozuna rank. In January, he duly reached that rank and paid a visit to Coamix to choose a character for his new apron.

Kisenosato explains that he selected Raoh because he fits his personality. "He has a lonely and strong image. And he has a sense of presence, and his body is amazing!" He says that Raoh's body is the kind sumō wrestlers long for, and remembers his coach telling him to be lonely to get stronger. He expects that by wearing it he will be "filled with an invisible power" and grow determined not to shame such an amazing character. Kisenosato will be accompanied into the ring in his entrance ceremony by a swordbearer (tachimochi) with a Kenshiro apron and a "dew-sweeper" (tsuyuharai) with a Toki apron.

Kenshiro (above) and Toki (below)

Kisenosato's apron will be revealed at a banquet in his honor on May 6. While this is the first time a sumō wrestler has worn an apron with a manga character on it, The Rose of Versailles has been promoted with a sumō banner, and sumō wrestlers certainly aren't above moe antics in their time off.

Source: Comic Natalie

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