Leiji Matsumoto Creates Sci-Fi Landscapes for Unique Sand Art

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Acclaimed manga artist Leiji Matsumoto lent his skills for a new kind of artistic project. The Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock creator illustrated beautiful, science-fiction backgrounds for Nissei Commerce's SandPicture Gallery Japan. Matsumoto's background artwork is combined with Austrian artist Klaus "Sandman" Boesch to create a unique piece that changes every time it's moved.

Matsumoto's background depicts a planet's surface where, just beyond the horizon, is a large meteor. Boesch then added sand of dark hues of blue, white, and bronze. Thanks to the differences in weight of the granules, some will faster through the air trapped in the panes of glass, creating mountainous shapes. The image can be enjoyed both vertically or horizontally and the mount of air can also be adjusted with an injector that comes with the artwork.

The artwork comes in small, medium, and extra large sizes. The small image is 15,584 yen (US$136), the medium image is 27,000 yen (US$236), and the large image is 107,892 yen (US$944). The medium size is limited to only 299 worldwide.

Matsumoto previously lent his popular characters to be subjects for limited edition ukiyo-e prints.

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