Buyers Beware: Here's How to Spot a Yuri! on Ice Fake

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Fans hoping to snatch up limited edition Yuri on Ice merchandise through online auction sales better keep their eyes peeled. There's some pretty convincing phonies out there ready to take your hard earned cash. Character goods company SK Japan have put together some pointers to make sure you're taking home a legitimate katsudon-loving Yūri Mochi Mochi Mascot.

Buyers can tell the difference by paying close attention to the item's hair, facial embroidery, hood size, and face shape (namely the jaw). In the comparison picture, the legitimate plush is shown in red while the imitation is blue.

The real Yūri's hair is angled to right (viewer's left) along the crown with thicker fringe and sideburn pieces. The facial embroidery is also better aligned and proportionate overall with a larger mouth, squared glasses frames, and larger centered eyes. The character's hoodie should cover his eyebrows when pulled up. The face itself is flat and round instead of smaller with an angled curve.

Yūri is one of six Mochi Mochi Mascot characters SK Japan is creating from the hit anime series. The item is currently available for preorder and will ship in December.

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