Fist of the North Star Gets 'Carrot Flavor' for JRA Collaboration

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Buronson and Tetsuo Hara's Fist of the North Star might be all blood, guts, and post-apocalyptic battles but Yūshi Kawata and Yukito Imōto's Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor turned those characters on their heads focusing on comedy and a version of Souther that just wants to be friends. The Japan Racing Association looked to the comedic spinoff for its own inspiration to create "Fist of the North Star: Carrot Flavor," putting the popular characters in a whole new scenario.

The website opens with a quiz question with four characters to choose from. The site includes a game that has a similar setting to Fist of the North Star. Players can choose from Kenshiro, Raoh, and Souther. Two more characters will be added in December. After picking a character, the player faces character You and his minions in a horse race.

The site is also hosting an original manga for the collaboration. In the story, a giraffe appears to join a horse race with Fist of the North Star characters.

The collaboration will include limited-edition goods that can be obtained with points turned in on December 3 at the Champions Cup G1 horse race. People can use certain IC Cards or cell phone numbers with the Osaifu Keitai service to enter at the event's point readers for a chance to win one of 10,000 prizes. The campaign is offering memo pads with Fist of the North Star characters.

Additionally, looking at the site's code brings up this hidden image with the text "Please say the name of this collaboration!!"

The Japan Racing Association previously collaborated with Kemono Friends and Mr. Osomatsu for anime shorts. The association also also partnered with Attack on Titan and Kingdom for web games and other promotions.

[Via Otakomu]

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