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How Much is Too Much? Pop Team Epic Doesn't Give a F***

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Bkub Ōkawa's Pop Team Epic four-panel manga is known for its off-the-wall, irreverent humor. This is probably best summarized by a popular image of its main characters flipping the bird with large, vein-pulsing hands. This creates a problem when staff want to advertise the upcoming anime adaptation with one of the series' most viral images but at the same time are concerned that, well, it's a little rude.

The result is a window ad of the short Popuko and the tall Pipimi, middle fingers in the air, but censored just in case. The ad is displayed on two automatic sliding doors outside of the atre 1 store in Akihabara. On the one hand, maybe the store's staff didn't want an add that was actively insulting their customers as they walked through the door, on the other hand, including an image that would need to be mosaics at all is pretty bold.

There are other Pop Team Epic ads through out the store, including a huge, multi-windowed ad of both girls' faces and Christmas-themed images inside the store.

Pop Team Epic's anime adaptation will premiere in Japan on January 6.

Ōkawa launched the manga on the Manga Life Win website in 2014, and ended it in 2015. Takeshobo released the manga's first compiled book volume in print in 2015. Ōkawa launched the "second season" in February 2016, and ended it on April 30. Takeshobo released the second volume on June 7. The manga started a "third season" on October 10. The latest chapter has been delayed from December 10 to December 13 due to the author's "sudden illness" described as "Hawaii." The manga and its characters have since become popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

Vertical will start publishing the manga in English next fall.

Source: Buzz Plus News via Otakomu

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