Pokémon GO Docu-Style Ad Imagines a Real World Brimming With Monsters

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

What if Pokémon lurked in the tall grass, caves, and forests of our world? Niantic's Pokémon GO AR mobile game brought the concept closer to reality. Players set out in their nearby parks or headed to special Safari Zones to capture rare monsters. Niantic continues to introduce more of the multi-generation game's 600+ Pokémon. The latest wave Pokémon from the Hoenn region (creatures that first appeared in the generation three games Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire). Where are these new creatures hiding? According to the latest ad's narrator and comedic actor Stephen Fry, they're everywhere.

The new ad includes an original score by Academy Award-winning composer George Fenton (Planet Earth) and features the Pokémon Minun, Mudkip, Plusle, Wailord and Masquerain in both natural and city environments.

Niantic will begin adding weather patterns to the game's map. Depending on the real-world weather, players may be more likely to find certain Pokémon, and some attacks will work better in certain conditions. For example, Mudkip will be easier to find on rainy days and Charizard's Fire Spin will work better on sunny days.

Niantic has also announced "Community Day," a monthly worldwide event that will feature a special Pokémon available around the world for just a few hours on that day. The Pokémon will also have an exclusive move. The first Community Day was on January 20 and featured Pikachu with the exclusive move Surf.

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