The Action Continues in Pop Team Epic Home Video Art

posted on 2018-02-13 15:45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge

Part of Pop Team Epic's appeal is the way it unabashedly shirks what anime is "supposed" to be, favoring simple character designs for Popuko and Pipimi that can veer into objectively ugly territory, in the case of the Bob Team Epic shorts. Fans of the show have reinterpreted the short-fused Popuko and Pipipmi as traditionally styled anime characters in their own art, but leave it to the show's staff to create the definitive version.

The Pop Team Epic Blu-ray releases feature different artwork than its DVD counterparts. The DVD releases show the anime's stars in typical action film scenarios, like jumping from a burning building and in the second release, escaping from the debris in a helicopter. The Blu-ray release art shows the same scenarios except Pipimi is drawn like a comic book action heroine and Popuko is little more than a dark silhouette.

The first home video release shows Popuko jumping from publisher Takeshobo's corporate building, most likely after blowing it up herself. The destruction of Takeshobo is a running gag in the series and official booths previously sold pieces of the debris from the publisher's destruction at Comiket. The second Blu-ray volume's art shows Popuko escaping in a helicopter after the building is destroyed, still holding onto the first kanji from the publisher's signage.

Since its premiere, Pop Team Epic has continued to leave its mark on 3D world. Its Skyrim joke became a real mod. It befuddles its own director and is indoctrinating babies to its unique brand of comedy.

Source: Animate Times

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