Yama no Susume Girls Encourage Fans to Climb Mountains in Real World

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The Japanese government added the national holiday Mountain Day in 2016. The August 11 holiday encourages people to explore their local mountains, which are abundant in Japan. Because the holiday is so new, some people in Japan remain unaware of the special day or its purpose.

Japan's National Mountain Day Conference and Yama no Susume Third Season, the Encouragement of Climb anime's third season, announced on Friday that the anime's five main characters have been appointed as "Mountain Day Ambassadors." Aoi, Hinata, Kaede, Kokona, and Honoka will help promote the holiday along with other ambassadors. August 11 also happens to be Kokona's birthday.

Promotional flyers and posters are being distributed to schools and mountaineering clubs throughout Japan by April 30. The other Mountain Day Ambassadors are Mt. Everest climber Ban Itō, former F1 driver and mountain climber Ukyō Katayama, actress Youki Kudou, actress Ayako Kobayashi, mountain writer Chiho Kobayashi, international mountain guide Kenji Kondō, actor Nasubi, alpinist Ken Noguchi, mountain climber and mountain guide Yasuhiro Hantani, and Japan's youngest "Seven Summiter" Marin Minamiya.

The National Mountain Day Conference formed from five mountain groups in Japan in 2010. The organization campaigned for the establishment of Mountain Day and continues to promote it and raise awareness about mountain climbing in Japan.

The third season of Encouragement of Climb will premiere in July. Based on Shiro's Yama no Susume manga, the series tells the story of childhood friends: Aoi, a girl who prefers staying inside and who has acrophobia, and Hinata, a girl who loves mountains. The two decide to climb a mountain in order to once again see the morning sun from its peak as they did when they were young.

Source: MoCa News

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