Amanchu Creator Passes the Torch to Grand Blue

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Diving anime series Amanchu! Advance is wrapping up this season but another, albeit still different, diving anime taking its place. Grand Blue, a series about a college student moving out to a coastal town and making friends with scuba divers, will premiere on July 13. Amanchu! manga creator Kozue Amano shared her excitement for the upcoming show on Twitter on Monday.

The conversation started when animator and character designer Yoko Ito shared an image of super-deformed versions of Amanchu's characters saying that "Someday, this will be an anime, too..." Amano shared the image with the comment that it's a little sad the anime is ending but then seemed to recover and added that summer will spread "diving and youth!" Amano followed up with artwork of Grand Blue protagonist Iori Kitahara.

The fan art caught the attention of Grand Blue Dreaming artist Kimitake Yoshioka. Yoshioka responded with joy for the shout-out before sending over his own fanart of Amanchu with the comment "I hope it gets a sequel, too."

Amano thanked Yoshioka for his fan art in turn. Isn't it great when creators support one another?

[Via Ota-Suke]

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