Dunlop Tires Ready to Roll Out Next 'Road to You' Anime Short

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The Dunlop tire company is one of many to turn to animation to tell engaging stories and plug their product to consumers. Last year the company produced the "Road to You ~Kimi e to Tsuzuku Michi~" (Road to You: The Road That Goes On to You) anime short starring Hiroshi Kamiya and Miyuki Sawashiro. The anime short's story was set in a certain snowy land and centers on the intermingling feelings of three pairs of men and women: a couple, a parent and child, and coworkers. The result was a heart-warming short promoting Dunlop's Winter Maxx 02 stud-less tires.

As the kids say, "Winter is Coming," and with that treacherous driving conditions. Dunlop noticed the seasons are changing too, and the company is prepping another "Road to You" short, this time with Sunrise. Once again, the product focus is Dunlop's Winter Maxx 02 tires. The anime's story of familial love is set in Hokkaido and centers on female college student Yui, whose mother suddenly invites her to visit an observatory on her 20th birthday. Yui has to travel along snow-covered roads to reach the observatory. The visit makes Yui remember going to the same observatory with her late father on every birthday when she was a small child.

The "ROAD TO YOU ~Hoshifuruoka no Yakusoku~" (Road to You: Promise of the Starry Hill) anime short will premiere online on October 3. Studio Ghibli alumni animator Yabomi drafted the character designs, and Rozen Maiden director Kou Matsuo is helming the short. Eri Tamura adapted Yabomi's character designs for the short and is also the anime's chief animation director. Additionally, Keina Suda is returning from the previous short to compose the theme song "Lethologica".

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