Laid-Back Camp Event Brings Warmth to Chilly Yamanashi

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Since the anime premiered in January, Laid-Back Camp has inspired throngs of newbies to give the great outdoors a try. Visitors tripled at the Yamanashi prefecture's camp sites as Laid-Back Camp fans headed to the areas seen in the series.

All the new campers need to stock up on the necessities for their first time out in the wilderness. Camping gear companies teamed up with Laid-Back Camp to offer backpacks, portable grills, peg hammers, titanium mugs, and side tables. Food was taken care of too with recreations of Rin in dango form and curry packets.

The series' unique hook has led to all kinds of opportunities to promote Yamanashi and the camping industry, potentially creating a new group of outdoor hobbyists. These fans turned out for the latest Laid-Back Camp event at Kyūkabuko Gakkō Chūgaku, the site that inspired the school that Rin and Nadeshiko attend in the series, on November 3. The building was formerly a school but is now abandoned, leaving plenty of space for the "1st Motosu High School Festival" event.

The approximately 500 attendees were able to enter the abandoned school and view production materials from the show, go shopping in the school yard, and listen for the school bell to chime at 3:00 p.m. That's when the Laid-Back Camp Secret Society Blanket Music Festival started.

Minobu mayor and proclaimed "Mototsu High Principal" Hitoshi Mochizuki appeared on stage to first thank the staff and production committee of Laid-Back Camp. He asked visitors to continue to come and see the town and sites. An acoustic band led by composer Akiyuki Tateyama then took the stage and opened with the "Campsite Theme ~Lake Motosu~." The musicians used normal instruments like a tin whistle, banjo, and mandolin with more creative noisemakers like pots and pans.

As the weather cooled down, Tateyama told the crowd that the band's concentration was waning. He told the audience he wanted "something sweet" before breaking into the "Yamanashi Confectionery Marin Dango" theme. After a few more songs, singer Asaka came on stage to perform the anime's opening theme "SHINY DAYS." Eri Sasaki, who had played mandolin in the band until Asaka's performance, then took the stage to sing the ending theme "Fuyu Biyori." Both singers were joined by director Yoshiaki Kyougoku before breaking into an encore of "SHINY DAYS," this time as a duet between Asaka and Sasaki.

The music festival wrapped with a video screening of Nadeshiko voice actress Yumiri Hanamori. The cold weather was then broken by a lighting a large campfire for attendees to huddle around. Sasaki gave a final performance of "Fuyu Biyori."

A recording of the event will be broadcast on YBS radio at 8:00 pm JST on November 24.

The previous Secret Society Blanket Enrollment Explanation Meeting event in Saitama announced in October that Laid-Back Camp will get a second anime season, film, and short anime. Nadeshiko, Rin, Aoi, Ena, and Chiaki's adventures will continue soon.

Source: Comic Natalie

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