Actor Yūdai Natsume Resumes Entertainment Work as Freelancer

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Actor Yūdai Natsume posted on his Twitter account last Saturday to announce that he has resumed work in the entertainment industry as a freelancer beginning this month. The post is Natsume's first Twitter post since June, when he posted an apology for past "inappropriate posts" on Twitter and took a hiatus from the entertainment industry.

In his new message, Natsume wrote that he has reflected on his actions during the past half year, and he has realized how much disappointment his actions have caused. He noted that he realized his actions have caused pain, and that he cannot put it all in the past, no matter how much he makes up for it.

In June, Natsume apologized on Twitter for the "deep wounds, serious trouble, and worry" he caused related to various Twitter posts in the past. He confirmed, "As for the posts that became public recently, the majority were undoubtedly posts I made at that time as a student." He said that as he entered the entertainment industry, he disappointed and betrayed the "expectations and trust" of his "many precious fans and staffers." He expressed deep regret for his actions and said he "sincerely accepts" the criticism he has received. Natsume said he is "putting all [his] effort into regaining everyone's trust."

Natsume's lawyer also emphasized in a message on Twitter in June that the actor was 16 years old when he made the inappropriate tweets. The lawyer said Natsume had conducted himself as if he was merely joking among friends. He noted that Natsume is "deeply reflecting" on his actions. The lawyer asked for support in Natsume's future growth as a person, and asked people to refrain from sending death threats, which the lawyer has recently seen.

The talent agency Omnia posted an apology and then cancelled Natsume's contract in May after investigating reports of his inappropriate tweets. Through the investigation, the company was able to confirm Natsume's "inappropriate posts" from around 2013. Omnia said that "although there were no damaging actions" per se, the company decided to "take into account social influence" in its decision to cancel Natsume's contract.

According to online reports, Natsume had tweeted "misogynist and discriminatory remarks" in "extreme tweets." The posts contained various derogatory remarks toward women.

Natsume played Mitsuru Tenma in the Ensemble Stars! Extra Stage: Judge of Knights and Ensemble Stars! On Stage: To the Shining Future stage plays, which ran in Japan in September 2017, and from January to February, respectively.

Source: Yūdai Natsume's Twitter account via Nijimen

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