10 from Japan, Europe Charged With Overturning Truck in Shibuya on Halloween

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While things seemed tame in Ikebukuro last year, Shibuya's annual Halloween party went off the rails. At one point during the revelry, a small truck was overturned by a crowd in the center street in Shibuya.

The local police began investigating the incident for group property damage and on January 15 filled charges against 10 males, ranging in age from their teens to 30s. The police identified one additional suspect as a foreign citizen who is presumed to have left the country since the incident.

The 10 suspects identified by police include Japanese men from the Kanto region and men from France, Belgium, and Britain. Police say one of the alleged perpetrators was an international student at Tokyo University at the time.

The police used security footage to identify over 10 people who were allegedly involved in damaging the truck. Since then, four individuals have been arrested and two were fined for 100,000 yen (US$900). The two others were not indicted.

Shibuya's Halloween party has grown huge bringing with it trash and vandalism. The event participant's bad manners led to the creation of the "Operation Zero Halloween Trash in Shibuya". The operation's committee organized temporary changing facilities, more bathrooms, and garbage disposal areas to try to combat the overwhelming litter. They also bring in individuals to come through the next morning with garbage bags to pick up the streets. 1,700 volunteers helped pick up the remains of 2017's festivities.

Source: The Sankei News via Hachima Kikō

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