Fujoshi Cast Teihen Dōshi no Maunto Kassen Essay Manga Cancelled After Online Backlash

posted on by Kim Morrissy

Online manga publisher Comic Ishin Reala announced in a Twitter post on Monday that the fujoshi-themed essay manga Fujoshi Cast Teihen Dōshi no Maunto Kassen has been cancelled. The manga is currently being removed from various online retailers, a process which may take up to a few days. The publisher apologized for any unpleasant feelings that the manga may have evoked in its readers.

The manga's text was written by Konami Kawai, while the art was drawn by Okuizome. It first began serialization on Comic CMOA in October last year. The manga purportedly shares the "truth" about fujoshi and portrays the social lives among fujoshi as a stratified hierarchy.

The essay has been criticized online for its condescending and demeaning portrayal of fujoshi (women who are fans of boys love). The top response to Comic Ishin Reala's tweet was from a disgruntled reader claiming that the manga exploited the controversy for sales.

Source: Huffington Post Japan

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