Live-Action One Piece Job Search Ad Focuses on Unemployed Zoro

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Last year, the job search engine Indeed paired up with One Piece for a commercial that premiered. The ad starred the Straw Hat Pirates as they sing a little sea shanty about Indeed's site while staring out at the stormy sea. Arguably the most memorable thing about it was that it cast an actual reindeer as Chopper.

Indeed released a follow-up to the video on Tuesday, this time focusing on the swordsman Zoro, who complains, "I haven't been using my katana much lately." The others turn around to stare at him, while Usopp dashes off-screen. The ad concludes by indicating that there is a job opening for a "person who is slashed by Zoro."

Another version of the ad shows Usopp adopting his Sogeking persona and saying, "My name is Gesoking!" Nami says, "Isn't it supposed to be Sogeking?" After an awkward pause, Usopp says, "Sogeking!" The ad concludes by indicating that there is a job opening for a "Gesoking."

Assuming you're legally allowed to work in Japan, you can actually apply for these jobs by accessing the One Piece commercial page on the Indeed website.

Comic Natalie also posted interviews with Zoro and Usopp's voice actors, both of whom talked about the production quality of the commercial and the things they kept in mind while acting as the characters. Usopp's actor remarked that he initially didn't think he had to be cool, but seeing the rest of the Straw Hats made him want to be cool as well. He also said that he appreciated the quality of the nose put on his face, and that it doesn't feel weird on him at all. Zoro's actor, for his part, said that he kept in mind how Zoro is really cool, but also a bit of a bad boy.

It's evident that the actors have been having a great time playing the One Piece characters because they can't stop themselves from smiling in these ads. What will they have in store for us next?

Source: Comic Natalie

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