Fate/Grand Order Escape Room Gets 2nd Run in Tokyo, Osaka

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SCRAP's Fate/Grand Order Puzzle Singularity I: Escape from the Baker Street escape room originally ran from May 11, 2018 to August 2, 2018 in six cities across Japan. Due to popular demand, the escape room is returning to Tokyo and Osaka this year from April 5 to 21.

The rerun is aimed primarily at players who did not get the chance to participate during the escape room's original run. Tickets for the original Tokyo run reportedly sold out within five minutes. However, players who have tried the escape room before will be able to purchase special "repeater-only" tickets for certain sessions. Tickets will go on sale from March 9.

The official story synopsis for the escape game is below: (*Note: This synopsis contains spoilers for the season one ending of Fate/Grand Order.)

You are a Master of the “The Organization for the Preservation of Human Order, Chaldea.”
One day, an alarm suddenly reverberates throughout the facility and you are called to the control room.
You are informed by Acting Director Leonardo da Vinci that,
“We have found what is thought to be the fragment of a correspondence from Sherlock Holmes originating in Baker Street at the end of the 19th century.”
A singularity reaction has been observed at Baker Street and it has been decided that you and Mashu will immediately rayshift there.
Immediately after arriving in Baker Street, a familiar voice echoes from somewhere:
“Ladies and gentlemen, preparations are complete. Welcome to the perfect puzzle dominated garden, 'Baker Street.' If you can't correct this singularity within the next 60 minutes, you will disappear along with the singularity!”

ANN's Richard Eisenbeis participated in the original escape room and described his experience.

Source: Animate Times

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