Mandarake Offers Free Appraisal Service for Elderly Otaku's Stash

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

A recent tweet of anime, manga, and collectibles reseller Mandarake's collection appraisal service is sparking conversations online. Mandarake, whose slogan is "Rulers of Time" offer a service for elderly collectors to ensure their treasures are properly accounted for and passed on in the event of their death.

The service outlined in the above poster actually launched in 2016. The appraisal service's website outlines the process. Mandarake will both appraise and make sure that the collection of items are handled according to the owner's wishes. Collectors can also use the the value estimate provided by Mandarake in the event of sudden financial hardship. The estimates are free and collection sizes can range from a single item to a hundred.

Mandarake was founded in Nakano in 1980 and now has multiple storefronts throughout Japan and, at one time, in California.

Source: Mandarake appraisal site via Hachima Kikō

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