Transformers' Bumblebee Goes to the Park, Cooks Food in Chibi Web Anime

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Two more episodes of animator Yuzo Yamamoto's super-deformed Transformer web series debuted this month. This time Bumblebee and Charlie explore a local park and try to cook together. As you might expect, an alien robot wasn't designed to transform in small spaces or cook omelet rice. Bumblebee sure makes a mess of things.

Yamamoto directed the shorts and voice actor Ryohei Kimurareturns from the film's Japanese dub to voice the Transformer while also filling the role of Charlie and the narrator.

The Transformers film franchise prequel stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson, a girl who comes into possession of the Bumblebee autobot in 1987. The alien robot has lost his voice and has his memory bank damaged before taking the form of an old Volkswagen Beetle and going into hiding. When teenager Charlie Watson gets the Beetle for her birthday, she discovers it to be the mute and amnesiac B-127 and names him "Bumblebee", but his presence triggers the arrival of Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick, who receive assistance from Sector 7 to hunt him down.

The film opened in the U.S. in December. It premiered in theaters in Japan on March 22. A life-size replica of Bumblebee was on display at Odaiba Zepp Tokyo plaza's Festival Square until the end of March.

Source: Animate Times

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