GRANRODEO Makes Cameo as Animal Rockers in Kami-Usagi Rope TV Anime

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The television anime series Kami-Usagi Rope airs on Fuji TV's Mezamashi TV program each morning. The anime stars a high school rabbit named Rope and his quick-tempered squirrel friend Akira. The animal friends live in a working class neighborhood and over the years have encountered animal versions of celebrities like like director Tim Burton to cartoon characters from Assassination Classroom, Boruto, One Piece, and even Despicable Me's minions.

Next week Rope and Akira will starstruck when they meet the musical duo GRANRODEO. Vocalist KISHOW (Kishô Taniyama) guitarist e-ZUKA (Masaaki Iizuka) will make a cameo in the program's "Keiji Drama" (Detective Drama) episode on May 15. Taniyama and Iizuka will appear as senior band members. Taniyama is the blonde dog and Iizuka is the darker grey canine.

GRANRODEO previously appeared in an episode titled "Audition" in 2017. The episode is currently streaming on YouTube.

GRANRODEO released their newest single "Setsuna no Ai" on Wednesday. The band's eighth album FAB LOVE will be released on May 15. "Setsuna no Ai" is the opening theme song for the newest season of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime series.

Yūji Uchiyama created the Kami-Usagi Rope anime as a series of comedy shorts at the Oscar-winning studio Robot. Kami-Usagi Rope: Warau Asa ni wa Fuku Kitarutte Majissu ka!? spawned a feature film in 2012.

Source: Kami-Usagi Rope's official Twitter account via Nijimen

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