Mini-Unit Name Options Announced for Love Live! Games' Nijigasaki Academy Idols

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Also: help title the Love Live! magazine and two upcoming anime music videos

The aspiring idols of Nijigasaki Academy's Idol Appreciation Club from KLab Games and Bushiroad's Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game have split off into their own singing mini-units. Just like with the characters of Love Live Sunshine, fans submitted suggestions for unit names.

Characters Karin Asaka and Ai Miyashita will form a duo. Unit name options include: fruver, AiLeen, Iseeker!, APPROUGE, Love morning, Beat Cats!!, SoLuna, and DiverDiva.

Characters Ayumu Uehara, Shizuku Osaka, and Setsuna Yuki will for a trio. Unit name options include: to YOU!, A-ZU-NA, YouARE!, Dramatic Hour, YOUstir, DreamGirls!, Sanayume, and SHO☆JO.

Remaining club members Kasumi Nakasu, Kanata Konoe, Emma Verde, and Rina Tennoji will form a unit. Name options include: Kasuminzu (tentative), Flap Fluffy, Minatama!, PomPon, Mofupikan, Q-PIDS, Moyururiri, and QU4RTZ.

Dengeki G's magazine previously took fan submissions for the Love Live Sunshine mini-unit names and then put the options to a fan vote.

The Nijigasaki Academy's Idol Appreciation Club was added to the Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game in 2017 and will be included in the Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS game set for release this year.

Staff are also turning to fans to help title the Love Live franchise magazine. Readers can submit their ideas via Twitter by using the hashtag "#みんなで決めるラブライブ誌名". The magazine's first issue will go on sale on July 1.

The Love Live idol franchise shared major announcements during the "Love Live! Series 9-Shūnen Happyōka" (9th Anniversary Presentation) event on Thursday, including news that the original μ's group will reunite for the Love Live! Fes event in January. The presentation also announced two upcoming animated music videos.

The Love Live Sunshine rival idol group Saint Snow will get an animated promotional video with the duo's first single. Likewise, CG-animated promotional video for Aqours' Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS single "KOKORO Magic 'A to Z'" is set to debut on October 30.

Source: Dengeki Gs, Love Live series' official Twitter account (Link 2) via Otakomu

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