Artists Countdown Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution With Weekly Illustrations

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As a countdown to the release of the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution film, artists are participating in a tribute illustration project for the next seven weeks.The first illustration was drawn by Spriggan manga artist Ryōji Minagawa on June 7. The drawing focuses on Mewtwo's recently revamped armor as the genetically-altered Pokémon faces off against Onix.

The project's other participating artists include Sgt. Frog creator Mine Yoshizaki, Machito Gomi (Bakejo! Yōkai-onna Gakuen e Yōkoso), Kōsaku Anakubo (original Pocket Monsters manga), Manavu Kashimoto (Croquette!), Satoshi Yamamoto (Pocket Monster Special XY manga), and singer Shoko Nakagawa.

Not all the artists will draw Mewtwo, the art will feature the original Pokémon trainer trio of Ash, Misty, and Brock, a certain legendary Pokémon, Dragonite, and Pikachu and his copy. Satoshi Yamamoto will draw Mewtwo's battle against Gyarados. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution (Mewtwo no Gyakushū Evolution), the 22nd film in the Pokémon franchise, is a 3D CG remake of the 1998 film adapted into English as Pokemon: The First Movie.

The main cast of the anime series, along with the Team Rocket cast, return for the film. Masachika Ichimura is also reprising his role as Mewtwo from the original Pokemon: The First Movie. The late voice actor Unshō Ishizuka provided narration for the new film.

The film will open in Japan on July 12.

Source: Comic Natalie

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