P.A. Works Releases Video of Aspiring Animator's Daily Life in Training School

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Training school opened in April 2018.

P.A. Works released a video on Tuesday showing a day in the life of an aspiring animator at the studio's training school in Nanto in the Toyama Prefecture. The young animator, whose name is Yōsuke Hiramatsu, is shown commuting to the school, drawing in-between animation frames as homework, and attending lectures held by P.A. Works animators Tsukasa Miyazaki and Yūsuke Inoue. Both served as animation directors on IRODUKU: The World in Colors and Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

In the video, Hiramatsu draws six frames of in-between animation as homework and remarks that it took longer than he expected to complete. At the end of the video, he states that he's not yet satisfied with his work and wants to keep improving.

P.A. Works's Professional Animator Training Program first opened in 2018 and offers year-long courses in both key animation and in-between animation. Four animators from last year's course have graduated to become employees at P.A. Works. The website is currently accepting applications for the 2020 course. (Note that the school does not offer visa status for foreign applicants.)

Source: P.A. Works YouTube channel, official website (Link 2)

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